Biscotti Flavours

Chocolate Almond Pretzel Supreme 

Vanilla batter, exploading with chocolate, almonds and pretzels.

Mini Eggs

Loaded with Mini Eggs & milk chocolate chunks.

*may contain nuts

Cookies and Cream

Exploding with chunks of Oreo, and creamy white chocolate chunks.

*may contain nuts


Caramel dough topped with white chocolate, drizzled with high quality melt in your mouth caramel

*may contain nuts

Lemon Citrus

A lemon-based dough with white chocolate chunks and candied lemon. Topped with white chocolate, citrus ganache and more lemon zest.

*may contain nuts

White Chocolate Macadamia

Filled with creamy white chocolate chunks and buttery macadamia nuts. A classic favourite.

Toasted Coconut 

*may contain nuts

Peanut Butter Explosion 

Cinnamon Roll

A cinnamon-based dough with white chocolate chunks and ribbons of brown sugar cinnamon butter throughout, topped with a cream cheese glaze.

*may contain nuts

Pistachio Cranberry Lemon Bliss 

Tons of pistachio and cranberries coupled with candied lemon peel and a hint of lemon citrus with a pistachio based dough

 Chocolate Mint 

*may contain nuts

Apple Pie 

Cinnamon spiced biscotti dough made with fresh Ontario caramelized apples, loaded with homemade pie crust and crumble bits.

*may contain nuts

Zesty Orange

Valnilla based dough with chocolate chips and candied orange peel bits

*may contain nuts


Vanilla based dough loaded with almonds

Double Chocolate Almond

A traditional biscotti,  chocolate based batter loaded with chocolate chips and almonds


Rich milk chocolate chunks and crumbled honey graham crackers, stuffed with a gooey marshmallow.

*may contain nuts


Chocolate and vanilla swirl based batter 

*may contain nuts

Vanilla Almond Matcha

Matcha and vanilla based batter loaded with almonds, topped with white chocolate and matcha swirl

Maple Walnut

Maple based batter with walnut pieces . Topped with Maple flavoured chocolate and sprinkled walnuts 

Pecan Pie

filled with buttery pastry crust pieces, toffee bits and a sweet pecan pie filling at the centre.

Triple Chocolate

Rich dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate and creamy white chocolate. Each type perfectly balancing the other.

Butter Cookie

A buttery biscotti dough packed with Biscoff cookie pieces and creamy white chocolate chunks.

*may contain nuts

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

 Chocolate chunks mixed with an explosion of chocolate fudge brownie pieces

Double Chocolate Orange

Chocolate biscotti batter loaded with chocolate chips, almonds and candied orange 

Mocha Hazelnut

Dark cocoa, and espresso powder, with whole hazelnuts and chocolate chips

Rocky Road

A rich, chocolate-based dough packed with roasted peanuts, milk chocolate chunks and mini marshmallow pieces.


Our version of 'Birthday Cake!' A vanilla batter loaded with rainbow confetti sprinkles.

*may contain nuts

Red Velvet

A rich chocolate-based dough filled with creamy white chocolate chunks and a delicious cream cheese icing to top it off.

*may contain nuts

Ferraro Rocher

Toasted hazelnuts, milk chocolate chunks and Ferrero Rocher.
*holiday exclusive*

Blueberry Blast

Vanilla based dough infused with blueberries and topped with blueberry jam